Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Last week a dear friend of mine had his heart broken when his girlfriend unexpectedly broke up with him. This made him very sad, and me sad for him.
(insert sad face here)

Having gone through my own heartbreak earlier this year, I have some experience in dealing with such an event. 

Only problem… he lives a gazillion miles away from his friends and family.

So I did what any care package sending person would do....
I sent him a Break Up Survival Kit care package.

"What does a Break Up Survival Kit include," you may be asking. Here's what his included:
·       Tissues

·       Easy Mac and Cup o’ Soup packets: (cuz he’s gotta eat, even though he prolly doesn’t feel like cookin’)

·       Instructions to watch every available episode of Parks and Recreation (cuz everyone needs some break up tested and approved tv fare to get through the darker days)

·       Gum (for those times he must brush his teeth but doesn’t want to get off the couch. Simply wipe plaque and food residue off teeth and then pop in a piece of gum for that “just brushed” feeling)

·       Baby wipes (for those times he must bath but doesn’t want to get off the couch. Simply wipe body off for temporary funk removal. This should only be done in extreme circumstances. Bathing is the primary recommendation)

And my most favorite part… and his too:
·       A body pillow… but not just any body pillow. This body pillow has pictures me and some of our friends ironed on either side (so he can cuddle with people who love him)

Once he finally received it, he loved it. Said it made him laugh and smile and feel better about things for a few minutes.

Mission accomplished.


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