Project Nightmare

Have you ever gone into a project thinking it would take about, like, 10 hours total?

(Cuz, seriously, how long could it take to scrape a
 few layers of gazillion year-old paint off
of a gazillion year old porch?
 I mean, so much of it is practically
 BEGGING to be scraped off.)

Aaaah….. you’ve got to appreciate the positive thinking one has at the beginning of a new makeover project.

(Positive or Delusional, me thinks more delusional)

I wanted to paint my porch, but wanted do it the “right way,” by taking the existing paint off first. So I bought some environmentally paint stripper.

(One layer of the 5 or 6 came up.)

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I had to bring in the big dogs and bought some seriously hardcore, heavy-duty, environmentally unfriendly paint stripper. 

(It eats through up to 15 layers of paint, ya know!)

One more layer pulled up. Other areas bubbled up.  Mostly, the paint just got gummy.

(Eats through 15 layers my arse. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!)

So I bought a paint eater.  It’s cool.. but it didn’t remove the stinking paint very quickly.

After slaving away for so many hours, I needed some instant gratification, so I painted my door.
(It was the temporary home improvement fix I needed!)

Autumn was quickly approaching and I was running out of time. So, I finally just decided to paint over the remaining paint.

Here are the results. I’m pleased with the outcome. I am not pleased that it took me a gazillion hours to get it done. 

Next on the agenda: Project Scary Bedroom.  Wish me luck folks.  I'm going in!


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