Jingle Bells. Batman Smells.... Not really. But I'll Bet He's a Crafter When He's Not Saving Gotham City!

I came across this clever idea last year that had bells in a shadow box.

I just had to do it.
(with my own flair, of course)

It was really quite simple.

I got the frame from IKEA, the bells from Michael's (40% off), and a big pad of Christmas scrapbook paper (also 40% off).

Using the matte that came in the frame as a guide, I cut the sheet down into a  9x9 piece of paper.

I poured the bells into the frame and then put the scrapbook paper and the backing on.

(Holy moly... totally off subject, but there is this CRAZY wicked 
thunderstorm going on just outside my 
window.  There was just this big, loud, ominous roll of 
thunder, flash of lightening,wind and pounding of the rain 
against my window, 
and it freaked me out a little bit.)

Where was I.... OH!  The Batman Smells Project....

... And wa-lah. Little craft project semi-completed.... 

 But it's missing something.


I just can't figure out what.........

I'll let you know when I figure out what the missing what is.


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