New Year's Resolution - Be More Intentional

Which includes being more intentional about pursuing the creation of art.  

Years ago I picked up a book called The Creative License by Danny Gregory.

Keeping true to my turtle-like form, I'm just now digging into it. 

If you're a little creatively rusty or never believed yourself to be a creative type,
(but feel the "ember," as he calls it, burning)
you really need to think about picking this book up and reading it. 
(and do what it says too).

The first part of the book I covered tonight directed me to draw a chair, mug, person and table, 
and I wasn't allowed to erase anything.

To remove the erasing temptation, I drew in some oil pastels:

It was actually a lot of fun.  

But now I must sleep. 

Will share more of my artsy fartsy adventures soon.  

I promise!


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