Sofia the First Birthday Cake

So, I make birthday cakes for my family. That's one of my primary functions in the pod,
(besides being the cool aunt, of course).

For her fifth birthday, my niece Lex wanted a Sofia the First cake.

"Who's Sofia the First," you might ask.



She's a new Disney princess geared towards younger girls. She has a weekly show.. or bi-weekly or something like that. Anyhoo... She's new. 

So new, in fact, that there is very little inspiration out there to draw upon. 

However, God was on my side when I went to the Disney store... My friend Sarah spied, with her own little eyes, the very last  of the Sofia figurines.

(Thank you, God for Sarah's eyes!!!).
I ran to Charming Charlie's and got a $15 tiara.
I ran Michael's and Hobby Lobby and got a big purple feather and these feathery clips from the spring collection and clipped them onto some wooden skewers, (which I painted silver).

 Then it was time for the baking.

So, I made this chocolate cake recipe I found on This was my 3rd time making the cake, and with a couple of Chelle tweaks, I think I finally perfected the recipe! Woohoo! (will provide the recipe later).

I baked 3 medium sized cakes and stacked 'em high.  While baking the cakes, I made up a batch of buttercream frosting.

After years of experimentation, I think I finally perfected that recipe too... and totally on accident!! Double woohoo!

Once my cakes had cooled and coloring had been added to the frosting, it was time to decorate the cake.  But I didn't like the way the "Lex" looked, so I sent out a text asking for some opinions and scraped off the offending letters while I awaited responses.

I discovered I had some little candy pearls from a past project, so I decided to decorate the side the cake with crisscrosses, and put a pearl over each intersection.

As you can see I didn't really center her name very well... but she's only 5... like she's gonna care.

And one of the parents at the party asked if I made cakes on the side or something 

(cuz she thought it looked that good, not cuz the name was not centered well
.  How nice of her!).

This is how I imagined it would look once we got to Chuck E. Cheese.

 In the end, Lex wanted to help decorate, (no big shocker there), and Sofia and her step sister ended up on the top of the cake...

(and I have to admit... they looked great on the top. The five year old gets a high five!)

In the end, the kid loved the cake. And that's what's important, right?

(She even wore the tiara to mass the next day.)

I promise to share my chocolate cake and buttercream frosting recipes at a later time....

you know, like when I'm not about to fall asleep over my keyboard!


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